LA County’s Program for Poorest-of-Poor Discriminates Against Disabled
Los Angeles (LA) County’s Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) fails to accommodate the most vulnerable — mentally and developmentally disabled homeless people applying for subsistence benefits under General Relief (GR).
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Systemic Discrimination of Disabled at Santa Rita Jail
DRLC, Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) and Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) have announced a comprehensive settlement agreement to improve accessibility for people with disabilities who are incarcerated at/or visiting California’s Santa Rita Jail.


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Disability Rights Legal Center
 (DRLC),  DRLC is the oldest program that provides disability rights advocacy by providing free legal assistance to people with disabilities experiencing discrimination in violation of their civil rights. The program brings high impact, high visibility cases in state and federal courts to protect and to expand the rights of this community. These cutting-edge cases raise public awareness and ensure people with disabilities are able to participate fully in society throughout their life span. DRLC also works to remove barriers to full participation by people with disabilities in schools, healthcare facilities, custodial settings and public spaces.

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Your support is essential to DRLC because it enables the organization to continue establishing important rights and liberties for people with disabilities and serious illnesses. Please consider donating, volunteering or participating in pro bono opportunities. For more information on the above, including student externships and internships, please click here.


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